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The US lifestyle loves the “open plan” living option!

Nowadays, new constructed houses are incorporating an “open plan” living space that includes the kitchen, dining and lounge areas. In fact, this lifestyle has become so attractive to the US home-owners that even older homes are knocking down walls or extending just so they can create this.

Let’s say you own an older home or at least a home you didn’t design yourself. Do you want  the  “open plan” lifestyle? Or you’re not sure of how this layout could work with your current floor plan? Infocus Kitchen and Bath can actually help with this!

Our experienced designers are not only designing kitchens but building kitchen cabinets too. Years of experience making them experts in the craft of renovation in the kitchen area.

To find out how we can help you with the design just make an appointment and get your free kitchen design.

The way that a designer will look at your space is very different to how you look at. Designers see the potential, often without limits. They will see the space for what it could be without the restrictions of what it currently is. Their priorities are functionality and optimising storage all the while working with the needs and wants of your lifestyle and budget.

If you don’t have the space or budget to knock down walls, there might be a way to bring the dining into the kitchen to help create the “open plan” living space you desire.

Visiting our showrooms in 609 Amboy Ave, Edison NJ 08837 will help to show you the possibilities. Our kitchen showroom displays are very comprehensive and demonstrate many different kitchen shapes and possible living styles.

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