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Kitchen Cabinets by Style

Brown Kitchen Cabinet Styles


Flat panel cabinet doors, also known as “slab cabinet” doors (or more commonly as Euro style cabinets), have gradually been pushed to the forefront as they steadily gain popularity among kitchen cabinet style. This kitchen cabinet style gives the modern look to any kitchen or bathroom that puts them in demand. They have been the mainstay in Europe for decades and their presence in the U.S. is increasing.

Prime Sunny White

Prime Sunny White

Prime Lava Grey

Prime Lava Grey

Maxtrix Silver Kitchen Style

Matrix Grey

Trystan Cherry Cattail Kitchen Style

Trystan Cattail

White Kitchen Cabinet Styles


The Shaker door is one of the most popular door styles no matter what style you are trying to achieve! The Shaker door is defined by its lack of routing on both the inside edges and the outside edges and inset panel. The Shaker doors clean edges help create a clean smooth look while maintaining a look of depth with the inset panel. The Shaker door is used in kitchens that are both rustic and european style kitchens.

Elegant Nutmeg Kitchen Style

Elegant Nutmeg

Elegant Blue Kitchen Style

Elegant Blue

Galaxy Espresso Kitchen Style

Galaxy Espresso

Elegant White Kitchen Style

Elegant White

Grey Kitchen Cabinet Styles


Influenced by traditional and contemporary elements, transitional design features simple, minimalist lines. This look commonly includes painted cabinetry, minimalist hardware, uncluttered styling, and a move away from extreme textures to a more subtle, smooth appearance. Door styles with clean lines in neutral colors best suite the transitional style.

Ridgewood Simply White Kitchen Style

Ridgewood Simply White

Greenfield Ginger Cherry Simply White Kitchen Style

Greenfield Ginger Cherry

Nexus Slate Kitchen Style

Nexus Slate

Uptown White Style Kitchen

Uptown White

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Styles


A raised panel door is a cabinet door with a center panel that is a little higher than the surrounding wood. Raised panel cabinet doors are very popular because they can be used in both traditional and modern kitchen cabinet styles.

New Haven Simply White Style Kitchen

Newhaven Simply White

Wellington Ivory Style Kitchen

Wellington Ivory

Hallmark Frost Style Kitchen

Hallmark Frost

Park Avenue White and Blue Style Kitchen

Park Ave White and Blue

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