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Kitchen Cabinet: Top 10 Characteristics Of Quality

Strong and Quality Kitchen Cabinet Box Materials

Kitchen cabinet box materials? Yes, InFocus Kitchen & Bath pays very close attention to cabinet box construction when it comes to which manufacturers we are partnering with. You can rest assured that your cabinets will withstand everyday use. We prefer certified plywood sides and backs. It’s also proven that plywood is a premium quality option for cabinets. This material holds screws more securely and resists moisture, as well as handles the weight of heavy countertops better than alternatives. Alternatives cabinet boxes, such as particleboards are cheaper, but they are more vulnerable to moisture, physical damages and they are harder to fix versus plywood. In a nutshell plywood boxes, shelves and drawer bottoms are main characteristics of well built cabinetry.

Soft-Close Hinges

All InFocus Kitchen & Bath cabinets have Soft-Close door hinges. Since these parts of the cabinetry are the most used ones, they are the most vulnerable parts for wear and tear. Steel based 6 way adjustable soft-close hinges are highly recommended. Most manufacturers also give an option for Blum® Soft-Close upgrade, if not standard. Blum® hinges have limited lifetime warranty and are considered to be one of the best in the industry. Upgrading to Blum® is suggested to our customers.

Undermount Soft-Close Drawer Glides

Undermount soft-close drawer glides are as important as the soft close hinges when it comes to differentiating high-quality kitchen cabinets from others. There are different types of undermount glides in the market, but you should look for following characteristics:
A. Full extension: This allows the drawer to open the full length of the slide, hence providing greater access.
B. Steel guides: higher durability over time and better weight support
C. An anti-slam system: This will make the opening and closing of the drawer almost silent with the help of a dampening system.

Hardwood Dovetail Drawer Box Construction

Drawers are another component of a cabinet that is used often and needs to be sturdy enough to support the weight we put in. Solid hardwood sides, dovetail joints along with fully captured bottoms are key features of a quality cabinet. A dovetail joint has teeth that interlock to join two pieces of wood. Because of the characteristics of the wood, joints are very strong. Other materials and constructions, though cheaper, will be less durable and costly maintenance fees will occur.

Full Height Back Panels

Full height back panel is important for strength as well as the ease of installation. It allows installers to attach cabinets directly to wall studs at any point of the cabinet back. On the other hand, full height back panels prevent your cabinets from disintegration under the weight of your precious kitchenware and crockery. A weak back panel is usually the reason for falling cabinets.

I- Beam Construction

Every quality cabinet box is made of captured and integrated brace construction. I-beams provide greater security and durability than any other corner braces. I-beams are secured on the upper side of the base cabinets, helping it to remain square during shipping and installation.

Face Frames

Attached to the face of the cabinet, frames provide stability. Kitchen cabinet door hinges and drawer glides are attached to these hardwood frames. Whereas, doors may be attached directly to the box sides if the cabinet is frameless. The two are not just different in appearance but also in construction method, stability, and strength besides the fact that installing frameless cabinets may come at a higher cost with lower strength and durability.

Fully assembled in the factory

Kitchen cabinet that is assembled by the factory come in boxed and packaged in ready to install state. The construction strength is higher when compared to RTA kitchen cabinets where you or your contractor will have to put cabinets together. RTA cabinets are time consuming as well as not covered by manufacturer warranty most of the time.

Easy to clean interiors of kitchen cabinet

Even though in InFocus Kitchen and Bath we prefer melamine interiors Laminate interiors can also be considered as a sign of quality. We prefer Melamine because it’s not just easy to clean like Laminate interiors but it’s also resistant to fire, water and stains. Both finishes can be cleaned with strong household solutions, since both are extremely high resistant to moisture.

Customizability and modifications of kitchen cabinet

In order to make it tailored to the space of your kitchen, your kitchen cabinet must provide flexibility with customizations. It might cost a lot for fully custom cabinets but you can always opt for semi custom lines. These kitchen cabinets can be modified according to your kitchen space, interiors and color palette.

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