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Italia series interior Doors By Nova

The Italia Interior Door Series combines class and quality, featuring rich colors and a slim, vertical glass insert. Made in Europe and assembled in the USA, its Premium Smart Core construction and PPL finish offer durability and sound dampening. Available at InFocusKitchenBath.

The Italia Flush Series strikes a perfect balance between modern and classical design. With five PPL finish color options and 10 design choices, the Italia Flush Series is highly customizable, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your home. Available at InFocusKitchenBath.

The Italia Vetro Series provides a clean, modern, yet comfortable feel for your office and home. Proudly made and assembled in the US, the Vetro Series offers 11 highly customizable model options to suit your taste and style. Available at InFocusKitchenBath

The Italia Stile Series balances modern and classical design perfectly. With five PPL finish color options and 10 design choices, the Italia Stile Series offers high customization to fit your home perfectly. Available at InFocusKitchenBath, it ensures you find the perfect style for your home.

The Glam Series epitomizes simplistic, beautiful design. With pure color and shine, it’s the apex of clean, modern aesthetics. Offering thick honeycomb and 10mm MDF layers on each side, these doors provide excellent sound dampening and a solid feel.

Among infocuskitchenbath Doors and Hardware’s top sellers, the Triplex Series preserves an open feel when closed. These modern interior doors blend solid wood, MDF, and fused triplex frosted glass. Available in 6 standard widths, all 80” Triplex doors are made in Europe, ensuring quality craftsmanship and style.

The Stile Series boasts over 10 design options, featuring slim, vertical frames defining the door’s edges. Panels in 2.5”, 5”, and 10” create a central canvas for geometrical innovation. Thin metallic striping accents provide subtle shadowed effects, enhancing the door’s surface.

The High Gloss Laminated Door Series complements contemporary spaces with monochromatic design and light engagement. Durable and handsome interior doors feature a smooth, shiny white high gloss interrupted by horizontal panes of black glass, creating an eye-catching and modern aesthetic.

The Laminated Series stands out as a cost-effective choice. Boasting over four hundred models and two hundred finishes in each size, it’s a top-selling option. Constructed with MDF over wood, it ensures durability and excellent soundproofing, making it a heavy, sturdy door of high quality.

Elevate your living area with  Italia French Interior Doors, a contemporary collection showcasing remarkable craftsmanship. Offered in four stylish colors – Light Gray, Swiss Elm, Premium Wenge, and Alaskan White – these doors are crafted to infuse your home with a sense of modern elegance.

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    Our architectural approach is holistic, encompassing aesthetics, functionality, environmental sustainability, and community impact. Collaborating closely with clients, our expert team translates their vision into designs that meet their unique needs.

    We adopt a holistic approach to architecture, considering aesthetics, functionality, and environmental and community impact. Our expert team collaborates closely with clients to understand their vision, translating it into a design that fulfills their unique needs.

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