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Hanssem Corporation is a manufacturer of fine kitchen cabinetry for the U.S building and remodeling market.

There are three distinct styles of Hanssem kitchen cabinets: Modern (Contemporary), Transitional, and Traditional (Classic).

From its headquarter in Edison, NJ, Hanssem Corporation (Hanssem Cabinetry) supplies cabinetry to a network of more than 200 independent dealers and company showrooms from Boston to Washington D.C. Every day, Hanssem Kitchen Cabinets, which are 100% manufactured with high-quality materials, are produced regionally and successfully make their way to the United States. We manufacture all cabinetry in Edison, NJ plant, using state-of-art machinery and finishing system. We use the finest materials from the industries leading European and North American suppliers and combine them with over 30 years of manufacturing expertise to bring our customers the finest quality cabinets available today.


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