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Fine Custom Cabinetry

Brighton Cabinetry, Inc. has been providing custom cabinetry to customers across the Midwest and along the East Coast for two decades.From stylish simplicity to decorative elegance, Brighton Cabinetry offers endless possibilities for personal expression.

Brighton Kitchen Cabinetry offers endless possibilities for personal expression. Our exquisite attention to detail and master craftsmanship assure you of cabinetry that perfectly fits your needs and tastes. At Brighton Kitchen Cabinetry, we’re dedicated to creating elegant and functional cabinets for every area of your home. Choose from more than 1000 combinations of door styles, woods, and finishing options designed to please even the most discriminating homeowner.After all you’ve invested in your home, you deserve the very best — starting with the highest quality materials and distinctive designs of master craftsmen, who create that one-of-a-kind look you want.Brighton cabinets have been a part of “The Green House”, a featured exhibit in the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. 

Award Winning Kitchen

Crafting Custom Cabinets with Brighton Kitchen Cabinetry


Brighton Kitchen Cabinetry takes pride in exquisite attention to detail.

It had led us to building some of the most memorable custom cabinets in the industry. This Verona Inset cabinet is just one of the examples of our craftsmanship. Slowly but steadily our brand has been gaining national recognition.

We will strive to  build on our  achievements and deliver fine custom cabinets with Brighton signature.

Please feel free to contact us for your Brighton Kitchen Cabinetry.

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Custom Cabinet Projects

Brighton Kitchen Cabinetry

Bryant  Inset Door
Walnut with Custom Stain

Brighton Kitchen Cabinetry

Fairfield Inset Door
Maple with Misty Finish

Brighton Kitchen Cabinetry

Neogra Ridge Inset Door
Custom Paint Distressed

Brighton Kitchen Cabinetry

Brighton Kitchen Cabinetry

Custom Door
Iceberg Paint Finish

Brighton Kitchen Cabinetry

Custom Book Library
Iceberg Paint Finish

Brighton Kitchen Cabinetry

Custom Bar
Zinc Stain

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