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white kitchen


white kitchen

Since the white is the obvious colour, and has been for a very long time, white kitchen always works. It would explain why this trend has real staying power.

Redesigning your kitchen is always an exciting time, though it can be daunting too. There are just so many things to think about, from choosing your preferred kitchen style and the most practical layout to worktops, flooring, appliances and all the other little details. But perhaps the most fundamental choice you have to make is the colour scheme for your kitchen.

Here are just 6 reasons why you simply can’t go wrong with a white kitchen.

White is a timeless choice

White is a timeless colour that just won’t date. It’s a safe bet offering a great long-term return on your investment. Fast forward 5, 10 or 15 years and you’ll find that your white kitchen won’t have dated as quickly as a comparative coloured kitchen elsewhere. As trends go, white is a perennial favourite that just never seems to go out of style!

And if you did go for a coloured kitchen and now wish you had chosen white instead, but you can’t justify the expense of ripping it all out and starting again, why not simply change your cupboard doors? Clean, fresh white ones will make a huge difference to your overall kitchen look without breaking the bank.

White works in all settings

Whether you’re going for a cosy traditional farmhouse kitchen, a practical modern family kitchen solution or a high gloss urban chic design, a white colour scheme will feel equally at home. It works in period properties and new build homes, small and large spaces, for budget kitchens and expensive interior projects.

Put simply, white is the ultimate blank canvas to complement every style of architecture and interior design. It’s no wonder that the popularity of white kitchens just keeps going.

White maximises light and space

We all know that darker colours can make a room feel closed in. Well, white has the opposite effect. Use a lot of white in your kitchen colour scheme and feel the space open up, making the room look bigger, brighter and altogether more inviting.

Use white to reflect the light in the room – the perfect solution for smaller kitchens or spaces that don’t get much natural daylight. Fit light cook-house cabinets in a narrow galley style kitchen and turn a cramped looking space into one that appears much more generously sized.

White looks clean and fresh

Cleanliness is next to godliness and nowhere more so than in your kitchen. It doesn’t get more hygienic than a white kitchen, so why go for a colour that ‘hides the dirt’ in an environment that should be spotlessly clean at all times?

While choosing an all-white kitchen scheme may be overkill, channelling hospital rather than hospitality, a mainly white kitchen provides a great backdrop for adding interesting pops of colour with, say, ceramic tiles, cookware and utensils, curtains and soft furnishing, and even appliances.

White looks great with colour

Every colour looks great to start with… until we get bored and fancy a change. The great thing about a white kitchen is that there’s nothing to get tired of! Rather than replacing the whole kitchen, it’s quick and easy to update the look and change the ambience by adding different colour accents.

By repainting the walls, changing the curtains, replacing the tea towels and hanging a gorgeous picture on the wall, for instance, you can totally transform the room from, say, a soft pink vintage floral theme to a lush green natural colour scheme.

White brings out your personality

Being the best blank canvas colour, white can be utilised in a thousand different ways to support your kitchen décor. Think of your kitchen as an art gallery where you can showcase personal treasures, your children’s drawings, a quirky poster or a piece of modern art without the added distraction of other colours, patterns or designs.

Use white to highlight architectural features such as ornate ceiling cornices or period windows, and eye catching statement pieces such as a chandelier cooker hood or a copper sink. Conversely, white is also a great way to make building flaws and blemishes blend into the background. Whichever way you look at it, and whatever the problem may be, a white kitchen is always the solution.

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